Startup Operating System

Our Services


What we do - with a lot of energy:

Venture Funding

No-nonsense approach to fundraising. Deep analysis of your business model and ambitions, advising options and routes to funding, writing effective business plans and making relevant proposals to our investor network.   

Platform Tokenization

We believe in blockchain and the possibilities of cryptos and tokens. We are the capital partner of the Threefold Foundation. We have high profile projects using token economics and blockchain technology of Threefold and GIG.Tech.

Startup Incubation

Initially 247 Invest started as partner for different startup incubators such as iMinds and Incubaid. We help researchers, young entrepreneurs and innovators bringing their projects to market and building their first companies.

Business Acceleration 

Business development is part of our DNA. We deliver go-to-market proposals and organise channels to market. This drives revenue generation, critical for your cash flow, minimising the need for external investments.

Mentoring & COACHING 

We have a lot of energy, and work 24/7 as a partner in your project. We share, we care! We mentor you for making strategic decisions. We coach you to close that deal or think of more alternatives and solutions when you get stuck. 

Board Advisory

We don't believe in control, but in guidance. We are happy to be an active board member in your company, or when investing into your project.

What we NOT do

MERGER & ACquisitions (M&A)

We grow companies, we are not your exit partner. We believe in a new economy in which companies can remain neutral and independent. 

Initial coin offerings (ICO)

We advise investors and entrepreneurs with regards to token economics and platform tokenization, but will not act as ICO partner.

Corporate finance (CF)

We will not advise capitalisation structure, fiscal optimisation,  off-shore financing and all kind of banker activities. We do not like bankers!