247 Invest Manifesto

Escaping Competition as a Startup


open source technology

Open source technology is the most substantive advantage a company can have because it will popularise your product by a broad community.

We love the transparency of Github , not only for making software code transparent, but also for making your business needs transparent.  

Network Effects 

Network effects can be powerful, but you'll never reap them unless your product is valuable to its very first users.

At 247 Invest we take your project from a proof of concepts in small markets with first users to a viable product  reaping benefits of network effects.

Economies of Scale

A business gets stronger as it gets bigger as the costs of engineering can be spread out over ever greater projects and quantities of sales.

At 247 Invest we will built scale into the design of your product without having an inherent reason  to ever stop growing your business.


Creating a strong brand is a powerful way to claim a small category and monopolise your advantage. Branding is more than a shiny cover.

247 Invest helps you with a full branding proposition, pricing mechanism and leveraging the power of distribution and strategic sales.