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247 Invest started in 2006 as an advisor for early-stage tech startups in Europe. But we evolved into something new.

We offer an operating system to entrepreneurs that are looking for new paths, such as blockchain, digital currencies and decentralised autonomous organisations.

We are tech-only and driven by the possibilities of software and open-source, decentralisation and disruption.

Today we have a sole focus on blockchain and open-source projects with an ambition to re-invent Internet services through a new kind of economy which involves digital currencies and utility tokens.

In the last 12 years we have participated in a dozen startups and realised a couple of beautiful exits by balancing and protecting the value of entrepreneurs and investors.


2006 Founded by Sacha Vekeman 
2007 Invested in
2008 Invested in
2009 Starting London activities
2010 Invested in
2011 Invested in CoreDataCloud
2012 Partnership incubator iMinds
2013 Leveraged buyout Camargus
2014 Invested in
2015 Opening of Dubai Office
2016 Invested in  GIG Technology
2017 Invested in CryptoConnect
2017 Invested in Threefold Token
2018 Invested in Ethernetics 

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Office: Idola Business Center             

Antwerpse Steenweg 19
B9080 Lochristi, Belgium

Photo by  Breather  on  Unsplash