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We create valuable partnerships by investing in tech startups and high-growth ventures. We believe in co-creation and strive to be the best partner to build the future. We work 24 by 7 to find new paths that are new and untried.


Investor Services

We are no-nonsense value creators with a strong believe in partnerships. We are an incubator for startups and create technology. We fundraise and find new revenue streams. All-round, 24 by 7.

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Platform Approach

We take projects from zero to one following the principles of Peter Thiel. We use technology to do more with less and invent new ways to create new things: 247 Invest is a Startup Operating System.

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Venture Team

New technology comes from ventures & startups.  We help our entrepreneurs to cut corners and have done so for many projects. We travel the world to find sustainable monopolies for our projects.  

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Our Operating System

We don't see our entrepreneurs as lottery tickets. Companies are not experiments. Every startup is unique and only starts once. Statistics don't work when the sample size is one. We take your project very serious.


Building monopoly needs technology, network effects, scale and brand in some combination; but you need to get them to work, choose your market carefully and expand deliberately.

— Peter Thiel


Business Abstractions

Building the next big thing starts with respecting the entrepreneur. We know what it's like to be in the founder's shoes. We help you to abstract business value from discussing the core layers of your project.